Metal fused sight glasses “METAGLAS®” consist of a sight glass that is fused into a steel ring.
The different expansion coefficients of glass and metal cause a compressive stress inside the glass. The mechanical prestress commands a higher security compared to thermal prestressed glasses. Because of the mechanical treatment of the steel ring, variousconstructive soultions can be realised.

What is Metaglas?

In the early 1980s years, the idea of creating a safe sight glass was developed by Herberts Industrieglas in close cooperation with the chemical companies Bayer, Hoechst and BASF. The result was a metal fused sight glass, METAGLAS®.

From now on, the sight glass was no longer a safety risk for the facilities.

In the sequel, the glasses have been taken over in many company standards and standarised in the DIN7079.

New application areas have been developed, such as chemical and pharamceutical industry, food industry, high pressure and vacuum applications, mining industry, measuring and control applications, petrochemistry et al.

METAGLAS® – the safe perspective became reality.

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Advantage Metaglas

Mataglas is realy one thing: safe. Conventional sight glasses cannot withstand a crack. Metaglas only cracks on the surface so no failure occurs in the event of damage.
Unpopular cleaning an deposit problems can be solved because Metglas is free of dead spaces aswell as it is flush with the wall.
Metaglas is also very inexpensive. Aside from that it can be installed without any problems, has a long service life and offers the most effcient operational reliabitlity.

What is special about Metaglas Sight Glass?

Metal fused sight glasses consist of a viewing window that is sorrounded by a metal ring. The different coefficients of thermal expansion of glass and metal create a homogeneous state of compressive stress in the glass body. If the metal heats up, the glass melts and bonds with the steel. When the steel cools down, it contracts and thus shrinks the glass. The sight glass is therefore to be understood as a composite.

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